If you’re reading tBuying Guide: Blindfoldshis article, then you’re ready to jump into the world of blindfolds, a simple and kinky way to spice up sex. Wearing a blindfold during sex or foreplay will make every touch count and is guaranteed to drive you and your partner wild. Part of the allure of blindfolds is the mystery of not knowing what your partner is going to do, or where they are going to touch next.

What do I need?
We offer a wide range of blindfolds available here, but you can also use household items like scarves or ties. This makes enjoying blindfolded sex an easy kink to satisfy.

Not too tight!
Remember when wearing a blindfold (especially if it is DIY), not to tie it too tight. Scarves and ties make great blindfolds if you’re being super spontaneous, but don’t ruin it by over tightening them around your partner's eyes. On top of it being distracting, it can cause pain to the eyes,


Ideas to Try

Power Play - If you’re not usually the one to take control of bedroom activities, blindfolding your partner can give you the confidence to take the lead and to do more of what you want. Ask your partner to do things to you/themselves, for example performing oral sex or to explore your body with their hands.

Pleasure Your Partner - Take advantage of their lack of sight and use it to please your partner intimately. Kiss, lick and stroke them to build their anticipation, then ease off again to drive them wild!

Masturbation - Many couples don’t mutually masturbate because of embarrassment. Bringing the blindfold into this can totally eliminate the feeling of shyness. Blindfold your partner and ask them to masturbate, and enjoy the show, or masturebate blindfolded for your partner’s enjoyment! Being blindfolded will allow you to focus entirely on your own pleasure and will eliminate any distractions.

Massage - Give your blindfolded partner a full body massage, and make sure to focus on a few key areas to drive them wild. Try teasing them before easing off to continue the massage, and returning again, until they’re begging you for release!

Introduce Toys - Bringing toys into blindfold sex sessions is a great way to take it one step further and to really enjoy mind blowing sex. Here are some great toys to introduce:
Get a tickler and use it to explore your partner’s body while they are blindfolded, they’ll never know where you’re planning on going with this toy at your disposal!
Massage Wand
Try out a massage wand vibrator with your partner and treat them to an erotic rub down.
Handcuffs/Light Bondage
Restraining the blindfolded partner is an even kinkier way to enjoy blindfolded sex. Now on top of not knowing what will happen, they’ve ‘lost control’ of their hands so are truly at the other’s mercy. Just make sure the blindfolded person is happy with this as it might be a step too far!
Gags are a very kinky sex toy that compliment blindfolds perfectly. Like handcuffs, make sure the blindfolded partner is happy to be gagged before doing anything.

Use Earplugs - Deprive the blindfolded partner of sound too by using earplugs. This means that they’ll only have their senses of touch, taste and smell left to them, so they’ll have no idea where you are in the room or what you’re planning!

Undressing Each Other - This works either way, so get your blindfolded partner to undress you, or you can undress your blindfolded partner! Remember to go slow and savour the feeling, using your hands and lips to take their pleasure to the edge.

Spontaneous - Be spontaneous and pull the blindfold out and put it on your partner. If they’re into sex toys and having hot sex, they’ll be more than up for it!


Some sex positions also work much better with a blindfold! Don’t forget if it’s not on the list, try it anyway and see how you get along!

When she is wearing a blindfold:
Missionary - Standard missionary, bodies are in full contact and you can kiss, her hands can even feel his body.
Doggy - From behind, this gives almost total control to the non-blindfolded partner, as they set the pace.
Cowgirl - Let her take control and enjoy riding him, living his hands free to explore her body.
Lazy doggy - Similar to the doggy, but bodies are in full contact. The lazy doggie also allows her to use hands to feel him.
During oral sex - Giving or receiving, a blindfold is great for oral sex, as it will let you focus totally on the taste and feeling.

When he is wearing a blindfold:
Cowgirl - Take control of him by getting on top and setting the pace. Let his hands roam your body or maybe pin them above his head!
During oral sex - Giving or receiving, a blindfold is great for oral sex, as it will let you focus totally on the taste and feeling.
Pegging - If you’re into that sort of thing, blindfolding your male partner during pegging is a very kinky extra that is guaranteed to drive him wild. Take total control as he’ll no longer be able to see what you’re doing, allowing him to focus on his own pleasure.


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