Anal beads are a fantastic sex toy, and are a great way to get into anal play. They’re beads of material (silicone/metal) that are attached to string or a rod, that can be inserted into the anus one at a time.

Fortunately, anal beads by their nature have various sizes on them, in either ascending or descending order. This means that when you’re playing, you can use them up to the size you are most comfortable with and stop.
Most anal beads start off with small beads and work their way up to larger beads, but some now start off with large beads and work their way down. The first (ascending) gives more pleasure as you put them in, while the latter (descending), gives more pleasure as you pull them out.


How do they feel?
Anal beads give the user a feeling of fullness which they enjoy. They can also stretch your anus which can be pleasurable. While some people get off on this alone, a lot of users will enjoy anal beads when combined with other sexual activities like oral or vaginal sex.
The feeling is good for both men and women, although because men have a prostate they will get more stimulation from them.


Using Anal Beads
If you’re not quite ready to experiment with anal beads with a partner, then try them out alone to see what your limits are and how many you feel comfortable with.
Make sure when you’re using anal beads to use plenty of lube. You can either opt for a water based lubricant (easy to wash off), or a silicone based one (keeps things well lubed for ages). Remember: don’t use silicone lubes with silicone toys, they can bond together and wreck the toy!
The real feeling comes when you’re either almost ready to climax, or when you are climaximing. The sensation you’ll get from pulling the beads out and feeling them slip out one by one will be mindblowing.
Remember once you’re done to clean the anal beads off with sex toy cleaner or hot soapy water (whatever the manufacturer advises).
Avoid any desensitizing anal lubricants, they’re designed to reduce feeling in your bum if you find anal playtime painful. As you’re going slow this should not be needed, if you’re in pain, STOP.


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Enjoying anal beads during sex is a lot of fun, so we hope this guide has helped you to decide whether they’re for you or not. If you think we’ve missed something or have anything to add, let us know with a comment below. What are your experiences with anal beads?